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Are kids trampoline safe for children?

by KN LQ 02 Dec 2022

You may have noticed a few experts warn that kids should not be using the trampoline as it is not safe for them. Keeping this warning in mind, we at LeJump make it possible to have a trampoline that is safe for kids to play. It is possible to have a springless variety of kids trampoline from us. So your child while bouncing on the trampoline will not have any chance of injuries from the spring. Moreover, there is a safety net all around the trampoline which will restrict the child from falling if they lose balance at any time.

However, we feel that there still need to be some restrictions in place when your kid is playing on the trampoline. Let us have a look at some of those.

kids Trampolines

Checking the trampoline 

You need to check the trampoline before allowing the kid to play on the trampoline. You need to check if the safety net is in place and if there are defects in it. You also need to make sure that the jumping surface has no defects. 

Proper installation of the trampoline 

However, before checking the trampoline, you need to ensure that it has proper installation. You need to make sure that the trampoline has an installation on a hard surface so that the installation is proper. You also need to ascertain that the installation is at a place where there are no trees or shrubs nearby. You also need to make sure that the safety net has enough space to extend and does not have any obstruction. 

Not allow anyone below five years to be on the trampoline

If your child is below five years of age, it is wise not to let them play on the trampoline, It will not be possible for them to coordinate proper landing and that may lead to fractures. 

Not allow more than one kid on the trampoline

It may be difficult to resist the request of children to be on the trampoline to jump. You should not allow more than one kid to be on a trampoline. If two kids are on the trampoline at the same time, there will be chances of accidents which can lead to serious injuries. So, never allow two kids to be on the trampoline at the same time. 

Ban undesirable activities 

It is wise not to allow your kid to perform activities like somersaults if they do not have proper training. If they perform such activities without proper training there will be the chance of serious injuries which can be even fatal. So, you should never allow kids to do such if they do not have adequate training. 

Adult supervision 

You should never allow kids to be alone when they are on a trampoline. You need to supervise them so that they follow the set rules. You should not think that as the trampoline has a safety net there is no requirement for adult supervision. You need to be always with the kid. 

If you follow these rules, it is never unsafe to use kids trampoline. So, do call us to buy a trampoline for your child. 

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