Our Story

LeJump’s founder, Eric, a loving father and mechanical engineer, developed the first trampoline design over 25 years ago to provide his only daughter a safe and simple way to for her to enjoy exercising at home. Only later would he realize what the impact of his exciting, innovative design would have.

Chapter One
A Father Creates Fun For His Daughter

When friends and neighbors saw his innovative approach to making the trampoline and how much his daughter enjoyed it, the requests poured in. Quickly, Eric set up a small workshop in his garage, spending day and night producing the best and safest trampolines for his neighbors and community.

Chapter Two
From Family Toy To Family Brand

Word spread and as Eric's customer base grew, so did his brand. The LeJump brand expanded from just a simple neighborhood product to being a world-renowned brand. The name LeJump is found anywhere.

Chapter Three
In Yards Across the Globe

Today every trampoline made by LeJump still has the love, passion, and dedication that Eric put into the first product he made for his daughter. It has become a beloved household name around the world.

Chapter Four
Focusing on Our Founding Principles

From creating a safe trampoline for his own family, Eric implemented his designs and high standards to produce the same quality trampolines for families around the world.

The Future
Fun For Families Around the World