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How to Get Better at Jumping on a Trampoline

by KN LQ 25 Jun 2021

Feel out the Trampoline Space

Walk around a trampoline before you use it for the first time. See how the middle is the bounciest but most stable space on the trampoline.

Jump like you do when on the Ground

A standard trampoline motion is similar to a regular jump. You should begin by springing through your toes and bending your knees. Next, use the motion of your arms to give extra momentum and height to the jump. Arms come out and in front of you to increase jump height. Maintain a straight posture. When you land, bend your knees a little. You stop bouncing if you bend too much.

Strengthen your core stability and flexibility

If you condition your body, especially in your core, you will be a much better trampolinist. Additionally, extra flexibility and stretching will give you more benefits when using the trampoline. Stretch all of your lower body muscles and back to prepare for a more extended trampoline session. If you are practicing more advanced tricks, then stretching is essential.

Patience is Key

A standard controlled jump is the ideal jumping method to learn first. Make sure to master this type of jumping to benefit your progression on the trampoline. All of the more complex moves use the primary jump method to start. It is helpful to master that jump first before moving on to anything that might take some more skill.

Take your time when learning new tricks or jumps on the trampoline. It will ensure safety and effective trampoline use. Practice jumping before you attempt any moves.

Don't Look Down

Do not look towards the center of the jump mat when you are using the trampoline. This is designed to show you where the middle of the mat is but will not help you bounce when in motion. Instead, look outward in front of you with your head upright.

As you continue to practice jumping on your LeJump trampoline, you will find that it is easier to have a sense of where the center is without looking.

Additionally, keeping your head upright will ensure that you do not get any neck strain when jumping for longer.

Control Your Jump Height

Be sure to practice getting comfortable with different jump heights. When you are bouncing, you might find that the trampoline offers more and more height in your jumps. Only jump at the height that you are comfortable with at first.

As you continue to practice jumping on your trampoline, you will better feel out what height of the jump is most suitable for you.

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