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How to Jump Higher on an Outdoor Trampoline

by KN LQ 25 Jun 2021

After becoming familiar with your new trampoline, you may be wondering how to jump higher. This requires some practice and familiarization with your trampoline skills. You can improve your jump height by practicing.

LeJump recommends that you follow all safety guidelines when using your trampoline to avoid accidents or injury. It takes practice and skill to jump higher with the right amount of control. We recommend practicing increasing jump height for experienced trampoline users.

Jumping in the Center

Trampolines are at their most bouncy in the middle. This extra bounce is due to the trampoline's recoil in the center. Controlled jumping in the center of the jump mat will ensure that you can get a higher bounce. Whenever a person jumps on a trampoline, there is an upward force created on the jump mat. As a result, jumping in the center provides you with a powerful force that propels you upward.

Check Your Trampoline Springs

LeJump trampolines come with premium springs that offer the best bounce on any trampoline. However, be sure to check your springs for wear and weathering if you have owned the trampoline for a longer period of time or through many seasons.

All of our trampolines are outfitted with more springs, which adds to the tension of the jump mat. Added tension provides more bounce to increase jump height. At first, the mat might seem too tense, but continually jumping on the trampoline will improve your jump height.

Get Practicing

Use our tips above to improve your jump height as you continue to use your trampoline. You'll need to practice a lot, but once you begin to master controlled jumping, you will find that your skills have improved. When practicing high jumps, make sure it's a safe environment. Do not jump higher than you are comfortable with.

Additionally, do not practice high jumps on a windy day, as the wind can influence your in-air direction. Good luck and safe jumping! Let us know how high your highest jump was.

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