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Gapless™ Seal Construction
  • 360-degree Gapless™ Seal
  • Seal connects directly to the jumping mat to hide the springs and protect users from accidents or falling from the structure
  • The unique sealing method ensures that the seal stays in place for countless hours of safe fun
PetHex™ Safety Net
Our trampoline safety nets are built for long-term, active use and withstand the elements
  • Built with high-strength PET weave, the net is designed to keep jumpers safe inside the trampoline and protect from falling from the structure
  • Resilient material that is soft and comfortable to the touch
  • Active UV additive compound in the PET fabric reduces wear from sun exposure
Protective Poles
The LeJump Skysurf series features a modern pole structure that promotes build quality and prevents accidents or injury
  • Adds additional stability and durability of the frame and on the trampoline jumping mat.
  • Patented standing poles are built with a layer of super-soft foam on the exterior to ensure that jumpers are safe when in contact with the poles
Reinforced Jump Mat
  • Premium jumping mat made from highly durable PP mesh
  • Strong mesh fabric is woven in an eight-row pattern, which is proven to provide amazing elasticity
  • Weave pattern allows water to flow through the jump mat, making it water resistant and easy to wash when necessary
  • UV additive in the PP material provides additional protection from sun damage
FlexTech™ Springs
The springs are a key component to the jumping activity that comes from trampolines
  • Brushed silver springs, providing the most flexible and responsive bounces possible
  • LeJump exclusive manufacturing trampoline springs with proven quality from over 10,000 tensile tests
  • High resistance spring coating, protecting from weathering and rust and preserving their longevity
Leading Weight Rating
With combined performance from the FlexTech springs, durable jumping mat, and sturdy frame structure allows one of the industry’s highest weight ratings
  • Ideal for use by people weighing 45 to 250 pounds
  • Maximum load of 500 pounds!
Galvanized T-Connectors and Frame
One of the smallest, but most crucial parts of the trampoline’s construction are the T-Connectors. These pieces connect all of the major structural parts in one central hub
  • T-Connectors and frame pieces are crafted from hot-dipped galvanized steel, a process that adds an additional coating to the parts to add weatherproofing and all-around protection from rust
  • Easy to assemble frame, minimal tools required
mat size
frame size
installation space
Model 10fT Skysurf 12FT Skysurf
Frame Diameter 305CM 366CM
Mat Height 70cm 82cm
No. of Springs 64 72
No. of Pole 8 6
Safety Net Style Outside Inside
Max Player Weight 150KG 150KG
Gapless Feature Yes No
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