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Summer Trampoline Fun and Safety Tips

by KN LQ 19 Jun 2021

Jumping Into Summer

Now that summer has come around, and there is plenty of warm weather and free time to enjoy family fun time on your trampoline. LeJump trampolines are exceptionally safe and provide effortless summer fun. We have collected various tips and tricks to consider to ensure your kids are enjoying themselves while also making sure they are having safe fun.

Below are some of our essential tips for a safe and fun summer of bouncing with LeJump!

Tip One: Lather Up and Watch the Sun

The most important thing to keep kids safe throughout the summer on a trampoline is to care for the harsh summer sun. Summer heat and sun can warm things up in the yard, so be sure to keep an eye on the temperature. It is also hotter between 10 am and 3 pm, during which UV rays are more robust. So when this time of day comes, try not to spend too long on your trampoline.

LeJump strongly recommends using skin sun protection to ensure that you and your family are appropriately protected from UV rays and sunburns. Use sunscreen on the skin and have your children wear a hat when out on the trampoline if they use it during peak UV rays times. Wearing sunglasses and SPF lip balm can also help provide them with added protection.

Tip Two: Stay Hydrated

The hot summer sun can lead to rapid exhaustion. Children can quickly become too hot and dehydrated. It is vital to ensure that everyone drinks plenty of water and healthy fluids when enjoying a daytime trampoline session.

Additionally, cold drinks can bring down body temperatures and improve overall well-being in children and adults enjoying a bounce on a LeJump trampoline. Finally, nothing is more refreshing than a big glass of ice-cold water on a hot summer day!

You can also consider making some homemade ice-pops. These tasty treats can be made in a flash and stored in your freezer for an extended period. Get creative and try different flavors, like watermelon, lemon, orange, or more!

We'd love to feature your favorite summer treats in an upcoming post.

Tip Three: Don’t Have Too Much Fun!

After getting on the LeJump trampoline, you might forget how long you spent exercising. Using a trampoline requires a lot of energy and can be a great workout over time. However, especially in kids, a trampoline will tire them out quickly and will make them exhausted, even more so on a hot day.

Be sure to limit the amount of time your kids spend on the trampoline to keep their energy up and not tire too much. Also, watch to be sure that the kids are not sweating too much or getting red-faced, as these are indicators of exhaustion.

Limited use of summer day trampolining is a great way to use some energy and get some good exercise. So have fun with LeJump, but do not overuse the trampoline on a hot day.

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