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Trampoline Safety Tips: Five Ways to Prevent Injuries

by KN LQ 18 Jun 2021

After swimming, we wear goggles to keep our eyes from stinging, elbow and knee pads when rollerblading to keep our elbows and knees from getting abrasions.

Trampoline injuries are on the rise. A recent news report says there have been a significant number of severe trampoline injuries, so researchers are looking at how to prevent them. Injuries on trampolines occur most often when multiple children are using them. A few people must be competing at once. It's like cage fighting." 

In the research, Dr. Teague mentioned trampoline parks and the need to address them. "The project will focus on trampoline injuries at home as well as trampoline play centers," Ziegler said.

By following Lejump Trampoline's 5 Safe Jumping Rules, parents can rest assured that their children are comfortable and safe when jumping on a trampoline.

1. No Dangeous Action:
Untrained jumpers can damage their head and neck on double bounces or flips.

2. One at a Time:
Only one jumper ensures there is no collision or injury.

3. Supervise:
Parents should watch the jumper. 

4. Safe Clearance:
Keep an appropriate distance around the trampoline (1.5 meters), so the net can flex out. 

5. Keep it Locked:
Zipping the trampoline net when you are not using it will keep curious people away and keep unwanted jumpers at bay. 

Jump safely!

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